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I bring more than 10 years of experience to my wedding planning business, and love to share free advice in the form of this blog. Grab a cup of coffee (or café, as we say in French), and take a look around!


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Check out our rebrand for our French wedding planning business! The Story Behind Our Rebrand We are so excited to announce our rebrand from Pure Expression Events to Pétillante Weddings! Pétillante Weddings is still your go-to wedding planner in France – we specialize in planning beautiful chateau weddings in France.  We started our rebrand in […]

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Still Your Wedding Planner in France: Pétillante Weddings

Logo Design for Pétillante Weddings, a wedding planner in France

January 26, 2023

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You’re engaged! You must be so excited! You have reason to be.  Welcome to one of the most unique experiences of your life.  Engagement is a time of fun and excitement before taking the big step to becoming a “Wife” or a “Husband”.  Say those words out loud – it’s helpful! You are also going […]

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How to know what you really want.

June 17, 2020

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by NICOLE at PURE EXPRESSION EVENTS on JAN 15TH, 2015 As I sit here reflecting on 2014, I am beyond grateful for the amount of blessings experienced last year.  If I had to use one word to describe 2014 it would be GROWTH.  I grew immensely, both personally and professionally.  The very personal aspect came […]

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Reflecting on 2014 – Resolutions… Oops I mean Goals for 2015

success tag on old style key

January 15, 2015

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The Pure Expression Events Blog is finally up and running!  After many tedious hours of trying to figure out how maneuver around in the blog world, I have finally figured out the basics! My name is Nicole and I am a Wedding Planner in Bordeaux, France who happens to be American.  And yes I am trying to participate […]

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Tales of an American Wedding Planner in France

January 16, 2013

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